Mount Batur

This is my third times went to Mount Batur. An active volcano with the large caldera lake. The first time i was trekking on March 2012 with my colleague. Second chance, with Bali Outbound, part of MountaineeFive festival on October 2012, and i didn't have a chance to make a sketch from the summit.

So, this time was my chance to have a live sketch-view from Batur's summit. With my friends, Andri and Harto, we did a fun-enjoy-trekking. In normal time, we should spend only about 2 hours trekking. But this time, we spend about 3 hours trekking, start at 12 o'clock from Toya Bungkah, by the light of full moon.

We arrive on the summit at 3 am. From the Batur summit, on the east view, normally we could see sunrise, Mount Abang, a slightly shape of Mount Agung, and Batur lake which is the largest crater lake on the island of Bali. But this time, the most view on the summit is a thick fog. Honestly, we just see the view sometimes, but not too long.

I was warming my hand to start sketching when the weather turned cloudy. It was at 7 am, when i started drawing about 5%, the rain comes down. I stop sketching and take a shelter under the mattress, because the hut or warung is full of people. Yeah, i didn't see much people on the Batur summit like yesterday before.

My first page on my new sketchbook, and it is a failed sketch :D

Anyway, after the long-long waiting and sleepy head, after the second cup of coffee, the weather was turned better. I did the sketch again, from the hut, after some people leave. 

View from Mount Batur summit
PS: Kalo ga ngerti sama bahasa inggris saya yang acakadut ini, ga usah bingung ceritanya gimana, lihat aja sketsanya :D


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