Let's Go Surfing

This is my old t-shirt illustration for an international clothing company in Bali. But it was rejected. I've been listening to The Drums - Let's Go Surfing, and then i remember this illo. Hope someday, if I still live in Bali, I wanna learn surfing :)


  1. Nice artwork glu...love the pose, looks so exited and soooo...Bali!!want to get there on vacation :(
    Hope I can learn 'bout vector someday, it's more difficult cz we must choose limited color - I should choose really-really the "right" color when do vector... it's so much tiring :)

    1. Thanks Fha!
      Yup, it's difficult to choose limited color to put on to your artwork. But it's fun! I've enjoyed the process, and still learn too :)


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